Oracle FAQs Questions with Answers # 11

What is synchronize?

It is a terminal screen with the internal state of the form. It updates the screen display to reflect the information that oracle forms has in its internal representation of the screen.

What use of command line parameter cmd file?

It is a command line argument that allows you to specify a file that contain a set of arguments for r20run.

What is a Text_io Package?

It allows you to read and write information to a file in the file system.

What is forms_DDL?

Issues dynamic Sql statements at run time, including server side pl/SQl and DDL

How is link tool operation different bet. reports 2 & 2.5?

In Reports 2.0 the link tool has to be selected and then two fields to be linked are selected and the link is automatically created. 
In 2.5 the first field is selected and the link tool is then used to link the first field to the second field.

What are the different styles of activation of ole Objects?

In place activationExternal activation

How do you reference a Parameter?

In Pl/Sql, You can reference and set the values of form parameters using bind variables syntax. Ex. PARAMETER name = '' or :block.item = PARAMETER Parameter name

What is the difference between object embedding & linking in Oracle forms?

In Oracle forms, Embedded objects become part of the form module, and linked objects are references from a form module to a linked source file.

Name of the functions used to get/set canvas properties?

Get_view_property, Set_view_property

What are the built-ins that are used for setting the LOV properties at runtime? 


What are the built-ins used for processing rows?


What are built-ins used for Processing rows?


What are the built-in used for getting cell values?


What are the built-ins used for Getting cell values?


At least how many set of data must a data model have before a data model can be base on it?


To execute row from being displayed that still use column in the row which property can be used?

Format trigger.

What are different types of modules available in oracle form?

Form module - a collection of objects and code routines Menu modules - a collection of menus and menu item commands that together make up an application menu library module - a collection of user named procedures, functions and packages that can be called from other modules in the application

What is the remove on exit property?

For a modelless window, it determines whether oracle forms hides the window automatically when the operators navigates to an item in the another window.

What is WHEN-Database-record trigger?

Fires when oracle forms first marks a record as an insert or an update. The trigger fires as soon as oracle forms determines through validation that the record should be processed by the next post or commit as an insert or update. c generally occurs only when the operators modifies the first item in the record, and after the operator attempts to navigate out of the item.

What is a difference between pre-select and pre-query?

Fires during the execute query and count query processing after oracle forms constructs the select statement to be issued, but before the statement is actually issued. The pre-query trigger fires just before oracle forms issues the select statement to the database after the operator as define the example records by entering the query criteria in enter query mode.Pre-query trigger fires before pre-select trigger.

What are built-ins associated with timers?


What are the built-ins used for finding object ID functions?


What are the built-ins used for finding Object ID function?


Any attempt to navigate programmatically to disabled form in a call_form stack is allowed?


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