Connect SYS as SYSDBA with Password


How to connect sys as sysdba with password?


Creating a Password File and Adding New Users to It
Use the following procedure to create a password and add new users to it:
    Follow the instructions for creating a password file as explained in "Using ORAPWD".
    Set the REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE initialization parameter to EXCLUSIVE. (This is the default.)

    REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE is a static initialization parameter
    and therefore cannot be changed without restarting the database.
    Connect with SYSDBA privileges as shown in the following example,
    and enter the SYS password when prompted:


After that, if you try to connect 'sqlplus / as sysdba'

Above only works when connecting to local database.
When you connect to any remote database, then a password is required.
Of course many DBA do not allow connecting "as sysdba" across the network, since it is security hole.

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