SAP CRM Interview Questions And Answers #2

1) Mention the types of profiles you find in lead and opportunity

1: action profile
2: org. data profile
3: text profile
4: date profile
5: partner determination profile
6: subject reference profile

2) What is connectivity in SAP CRM?

Connectivity is nothing but connecting the servers from CRM to any other system (SAP or non- sap) using through middle ware we can connect the systems.

SAP CRM is a collection of adaptors.

3) Mention the tactics for the objective "brand awareness”

  • door to door surveys
  • internet
  • advertising through different channels

4) Do we need to assign workflow in action?

No not required

5) What sort of customising do you do for creation of marketing planner?

For marketing, we can do customizing setting like field grouping, objectives ,tactics, additional date ranges any new field go for web setting, it is better go through the path

IMG -> CRM -> Marketing - Marketing Planning and Campaign Management

There you can do all customizing setting for marketing.

6) What is the transaction code for CRM-ANALYTICS?

This is not the business transaction. CRM-Analytics is for datasource. It is for data analysis to various business scenarios like Marketing, Sales, Service.

7) Explain IC WebClient Navigation Bar Profile? What is transaction launcher in IC WebClient?

Navigation bar is set functions that access to particular objects like (maintain accounts, identify accounts, creat orders, call list maintenance , fact sheets and etc.)

Navigation bar appears in  IC-WebClient left side, we can Customize accounting to our requirement.

Transaction launcher is opens URL ID or web site.

Path: IMG -> CRM-IC Web Client -> Basic Functions -> Transaction Launcher -> Define URL and Parameters

8)  How do you assign a business partner to your organizational unit?

Go to Org structure and create positions and right click on position and assign BP after assigning a position to sales group click on assign and then it will ask whether BP or user then assign BP.

9) What are the extra tabs that are available in sales methodology as compared to opportunity?  What is transport of buying center in opportunity?

The extra tabs available in the sales Methodology are Buying center, Sales Assistant.

The transport of buying center in the opportunity is the Partner determinartion procedure.

10) What is the difference between campaign and trade promotion?

Campaign will be always aimed at the group of customers to create awareness, brand image, new product launch. etc.

Trade promotion will be always aimed at a single customer. To retain the customer trade promotions will be carried out.

Trade promotion will vary from customer to customer.


Campaign is of Broad spectrum word where an instrument used in Marketing Management to plan the measures by which a marketing plan is to be executed.

The campaign defines the:

  • Activities
  • Target groups
  • Product groups
  • Persons responsible
  • Trade promotion
Marketing activity in the consumer goods industry where trading takes place within a specific time period. The aim of this activity is to increase brand capital, brand awareness and market share, to increase sales volume or to launch new products or product ranges.


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