Go Live Check and Business Process Re-Engineering

What is known as the ‘Go-Live Check’?

The ‘Go-Live Check’ is done just before you cut over to ‘live’ (production) operation in a project. This is to test whether the system is properly configured to meet the requirements of the business. The check includes detecting problems in the (a) SAP R/3 Application, (b) Database, and (c) Operating System.

First, the Go-live Check involves an analysis of the major system components of the R/3 installation with regard to system consistency and reliability. For this, SAP experts log on to your R/3 system via a remote connection, inspect the configuration of individual system components, and provide valuable recommendations for system optimization. By analyzing the individual system components before production start up, SAP can considerably improve the availability and performance of the customer’s live system. In addition, the technical application analysis provides information on how to speed up the core processes within R/3.

Secondly, the transactions with high resource consumption are searched for and necessary adjustments are made.

Thirdly, the changes from the two prior sessions are validated. This check is performed in the productive operation system.

After a system goes live, some fine tuning and eliminating of potential bottlenecks is still necessary. This is carried out four weeks after ‘going live’ with the R/3 System.


When Should You Conduct ‘Business Process Re-engineering’ (BPR)?

Typically ‘Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)’ needs to be completed well before the SAP implementation starts. This will help to identify any improvements that can be made prior to implementation and begin the process of change within the organization. Improvements that will be system-enabled will form part of the implementation and also help the project team to identify areas of change.

However, it is also possible (but not recommended if there are large areas requiring total process re-engineering) to do BPR during the business blueprint phase provided the project team works within the boundary of the initial scope provided.

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