EURX Conversion Exchange Rate Calculation

User raised a question on the exchange rate calculation when creating purchase order when 3 currencies were involved.
Vendor Master EUR
Purchase Info Record USD
Material Master SGD


It had taken me sometime to figure out this with some discussion with the SAP FICO Consultant for PO creation that was using currency EUR in Vendor Master and Purchase Order using USD.

As you can see from the PO, it is not using the Exchange rate provided in the Header.  For normal cases, it should be converted to local currency then to vendor master currency.

PIR (USD) -> Local Currency -> Vendor Master (EUR)   

Vendor Master Currency

The first check was transaction OBBS in order to know whether any Alt. ERT was used.

SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation

Define Translation Ratios for Currency Translation

Once you know that Alt. ERT was being used, you can now calculate the PO price.
For example USD to EUR conversion in Purchase Order
Vendor Master (EUR)
Purchase Info Record (USD)  4.56
Purchase Order Item Condition price = 4.56 / 1.5 = 3.04 EUR
You just need to directly convert it using the EUR rate provided for USD which is 1.50000

Tcode: OB08

SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> General Settings -> Currencies -> Enter Exchange Rates

Enter Exchange Rates

Another SAP MM ticket mystery solve.

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