MM60 Block Material Price In List

One of the power user request us to block the field "Material Price" in T.Code MM60?  Only the authorized person should have access for viewing the material price.

MM60 Transaction is for getting the list of materials by the selection criteria.

To block the material price, you have the following options:

Copy the program of T.Code MM60 and Create a Z* program and in that remove Material Price field.

Assign a New Tcode for that and inplace of MM60 Use that Tcode.

And also you need to create Z* Role for that and assign it to Users.

Also, remove the MM60 trxn role for the Same Users.

Notes for ALV-grid coding:

If you don't want to give the option to any user at all, then you can simply set the parameters I_SAVE to SPACE.

I_SAVE = SPACE Layouts cannot be saved.

I_SAVE = 'U'   Only user-defined layouts can be saved.

I_SAVE = 'X'   Only global layouts can be saved.

I_SAVE = 'A'   Both user-defined and global layouts can be saved.


If you are in ECC version of SAP, then you can create user-specific Report layout and keep it default for them. Then with help of your BASIS person block the authorisation for the users to change layout.

To list the required materials - Use the Transaction (MM60)

To hide the Price data :

1.  In MM60, Inputting some generic fields and execute. 

2.  Goto Change Layout (Ctrl +F8) and then Move the Price fields to the hidden columns.

3.  Save the layout and set the Default or User specific.

4.  Then Execute with new session.


To prevent user from changing the user specific layout, you have to take out their authorization for Change Layout.

You can Check the Authorization Object - S_ALV_LAYO in SUIM (Objects by Complex Search) Activity -23.

When object S_ALV_LAYO was taken out of my security profile, I was only able to save User-specific layouts and not Default layouts.  This was our objective.

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