SAP PS Consultant Quick Questions And Answers #1

Q-1 To define user menus for the employees in a company, the system administrator has several possibilities:

Directly assign roles to a user
Change roles and assign them or
Create roles

Q-2 If you are a user with system administrator authorization, SAP Easy Access provides additional functions that enable you to:

Call role menus and assign users to the menus
Create roles

Q-3 The new SAP GUI consists of two main screen areas. In the Screen header area :

Menu bar
Standard toolbar
Title bar
Application toolbar

Q-4 You cannot process the following objects with mass changes:

Production resources/tools (PRT)
PS texts
Long texts

Q-5 You can select the Mass function from :

From the Mass Changes in the Project System screen Program
From the Project Information System

Q-6 The system displays statuses as a:

30 character text
As a four character abbreviation
Both display formats are language dependent

Q-7 You can obtain an overview of the important active user and system statuses:

On the Basic data tab page in the project definition
On the Scheduling tab page in the network header
In the activity overview on the Total tab page, for instance (only system status)
On the Total tab page, for instance, in the WBS element overview

Q-8 In the Created status, you can do with activities :

Allows you to directly (physically) delete activities and activity elements
Prohibits you from posting actual costs

Q-9 In the Released status, you can use  activities :

Allows you to post actual costs
Allows you to confirm activities and activity elements
Allows you to create reservations or purchase requisitions for all components, depending on settings elsewhere.

Q-10 If TECO ( Tech. Complete ) status is set in a network header, you can

Allows actual postings, for example confirmations
Sets a deletion flag for the material components
Removes capacity requirements, provided a final confirmation has not been made
Deletes purchase requisitions and requirements for material components, if any exist.
Prohibits changes to the characteristic value assignment
Prevents you setting a user status
Prevents you from changing dependent data such as material and PRT allocations

Q-11 The Deletion flag status for Network Header designates :

Removes capacity requirements, as long as a final confirmation has not been made
Sets an internal deletion indicator for existing material reservations
Can also be set (after a warning is issued), if an activity requires confirmation but has not been finally confirmed.
Is the prerequisite for setting a deletion indicator.

Q-12 The statuses Account assignment locked (AALK) is available for Network means

You can prohibit account assignment to a network or lock all data in a network or activity

Q-13 The SAP Project System has interfaces to systems for collecting plant data and to the following PC products:

Microsoft Project (MPX)
Microsoft Access
PS-EPS Interface to External Project Systems
Spreadsheet Programs

Q-14 You can assign production resources/tools to internal and external activities. You use the assignment to determine :

The quantity
The operating time
The dates

Q-15 You can create production resources/tools with the following categories :

A material PRT
A miscellaneous PRT
A document PRT
An equipment PRT


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