Shipping Multiple Choice Questions Answers #2

1) Which of the following statement correct in reference to the customizing necessary for an inbound delivery with reference to a purchase order? (Choose two)

a) We do not need to define a default order type for this delivery type.
b) A corresponding order item category may not exist for this delivery order category.
c) The delivery type of the inbound delivery is determined from the Customizing of the confirmation category.
d) We can directly define the movement type for the goods receipt posting of the delivery item.

2) Your organization is using Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) for identification of handling unit. What are its features? (Choose three)

a) This is an eighteen-digit number used to identify logistics units.
b) This is an sixteen-digit number used to identify logistics units.
c) The goal is to identify a package uniquely for at least one year, worldwide.
d) It complies with the coding conventions of European Article Number EAN128.

3) You observe wrong dates in the delivery date determination. How can we correct this?

a) Adjust the relevant transportation duration per route
b) Use wave pick and the wave pick monitor
c) Use a scheduling job for collective processing of documents due for delivery
d) Modify scheduling of the MRP run

4) What are the options available for creation of outbound deliveries? (Choose two)

a) We can use collective processing to deliver goods for all types of shipping documents
b) In collective processing the system automatically creates outbound deliveries in background only
c) We can create outbound delivery manually with or without reference to a particularorder
d) We can deliver purchase orders also if we create a delivery manually

5) Which column in the handling unit (HU) monitor shows the HU assignment?

a) HU identification
b) Object key
c) Packing material
d) Packing object

6) Which column in the handling unit (HU) monitor shows the HU assignment?

a) Object key
b) HU identification
c) Packing material
d) Packing object

7) Which of the following document types is used in the goods issue process?

a) Inbound delivery
b) Service order
c) Planned order
d) Production Order


Correct Answers

1) a, c

2) a, c, d

3) a

4) a, c

5) b

6) a

7) d


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