Enhancements And Modification Assistant

Why Do We Need ‘Enhancements’?
The standard R/3 application may not offer some of the functionality you need for a particular customer or for a particular situation. The R/3 ‘Enhancement’ functionality allows you to add your own functionality to SAP’s standard business applications or modify the standard one to suit the particular need.
The enhancement may be done through:
Customer exits
Customers’ potential requirements, which do not form a part of the standard software, are incorporated in the standard R/3 as empty modification ‘shells.’ Customers can then fill these with their own coding. SAP guarantees that all such exists will remain valid across all future releases. 

The customer exits include:

  • Menu Exits
  • Screen Exits
  • Function Module Exits
  • Keyword Exits
  • ABAP/4 Dictionary Elements
These are ABAP/4 Dictionary Enhancements (creation of table appends), Text Enhancements (customer-specific keywords and documentation for data elements), and Field Exits (creation of additional coding for data elements).
What is a ‘Modification Assistant’?
The ‘Modification Assistant’ is the tool that offers you support when making modifications to the standard, by branching to a ‘special modification mode’ whenever you are modifying objects from the standard in an ABAP workbench editor. 

Originals are initially protected in this mode and can only be changed with the help of the additional ‘pushbuttons’ that are placed at your disposal.

All changes that you make to the system are logged with the help of the Modification Assistant.
This provides you with a detailed overview of modifications that is easy to read and that dramatically reduces the amount of effort needed to upgrade your system.
The Modification Assistant offers support in the following areas:

  • ABAP Editor
  • Class Builder
  • Screen Painter
  • Menu Painter
  • Text Element maintenance
  • Function Builder
  • ABAP Dictionary
If an object can be edited using the Modification Assistant, a dialogue box appears the first time that you attempt to edit that object informing you that editing functions are limited in modification mode. This dialogue box appears exactly once per user for each of the various kinds of transport objects.

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