SAP R3 Tables - ABAP and Functional Modules Table

A collection list of tables and their fields relationship which you are likely to used when you transact in the world of SAP.  The list are categories by their functional modules.

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SAP MM, SD, FI, PS, PP, PM, HR, System Tables

Transaction code Table
Find the list of SAP Standard Tcodes

Table Fields Update
Add Edit Delete Entry In SE11 Database Table

View All Functional Modules Table
Transaction Code To View All SAP Tables

MM Table List
Common Tables used by SAP MM
All The Tables In SAP MM Purchasing
Standard Tables Used For Material Ledger
Rebate Management Tables Used 

WM Table
SAP WM Tables Process Flow

SD Table
Important Tables for SAP SD

PP Tables and Fields
SAP Production Planning Table
SAP PP Master Data Tables
Table of the Order Production Operation
Cost Analysis Table In Production Order

QM Table
Important QM Tables

PM Table
Transparent Table relate with PM module
Transparent tables for WCM

FI Table and Fields
Important Tables in SAP FI
MIRO Tables - Invoice Document Data

CO Table
Important Tables in SAP CO

AA Table
Important Tables in SAP AA

HR Tables List
Finding the list of HR module Tables
Table Names for Creating Basic Pay Infotype
Where The Payroll Data Is Stored
Internal Tables in Time Management
Download Ebook SAP HR PA Infotypes

CRM Table
Find The Table Names For a CRM Transaction
List Of Frequently Used CRM Tables List

Security Table Names

Generic SAP Topics

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SAP R3 Transaction Codes

Table Field Change Log Data Not Captured

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SAP Certification, Interview Questions, ABAP Programming, Functional and Basis Component Reference Books

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