Oracle Test Paper for Revision #5

1) There is no point in trying to group your entities together on your diagram according to volume. Making a diagram pretty is a waste of time. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

2) There are formal rules for how to draw ERD's, even though they are only guidelines, you should always try to follow them. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

3) Generic models are generally far more complex than a specific model. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

4) A datamodel containing generic modeling techniques must not be mixed in with non-generic models. The generic entities MUST be drawn on a diagram of their own. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

5) A relationship from an entity back to itself is called a ___________ relationship. 

a) Mandatory
b) Recursive 
c) Many to Many Optional
d) Transferrable

6) What uncommon relationship is described by the statements: "Each DNA SAMPLE may be taken from one and only one PERSON and each PERSON may provide one and only one DNA SAMPLE" 

a) One to Many Optional
b) One to Many Mandatory
c) One to One Optional 
d) Many to Many Mandatory

7) Which of the following pairs of entities is most likely to be modeled as a M:M relationship? 

a) CAR and WHEEL

8) If two entities have two relationships between them, these relationships can be either _____________ or _____________ ? 

a) Redundant or Required
b) Replicated or Required
c) Resourced and Really Good
d) Redundant and Replicated

9) Intersection Entities often have the relationships participating in the UID, so the relationships are often barred. True or False?

a) True
b) False

10) Intersection Entities are at the Master end in the relationships between it and the original entities. So the original entities are details or children of the newly created intersection entity. True or False? 

a) True
b) False

11) What do you call the entity created when you resolve a M:M relationship? 

a) Intersection entity
b) Inclusion entity
c) Recursive entity
d) M:M entity

12) A Diamond on a relationship indicates the Relationship as Non-Tranferrable. True or False? 

a) True
b) False


Suggested Answers

1) b

2) a

3) b

4) b

5) b

6) c

7) d

8) a

9) a

10) b

11) a

12) a

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